The success of Jennasis & Associates depends on one thing: YOU. We are passionate about seeing our clients succeed, and we work hard to make that happen. As a marketing partner, Jennasis & Associates listens to the needs and wants of the clients and translates that into actionable items that will generate results. Our experience working with a variety of clients across various industries means we can stay on top of marketing trends and bring the best solutions to our clients. But we don’t want to just say that, we want to show you too. The success stories below are the heartbeat of our business, and we would love to see you and your business as our next success story. Contact us today to take the next step in accomplishing your goals.


"Imagine ... you're sitting in a meeting, working with a client, or even sleeping and YET at that same time, critical work is being done for your business, new opportunities are being created, and the things that make your business run are being taken care of. No imagination necessary... that's precisely your outcome when you work with Jennasis & Associates. As my business has grown, it became clear that I needed to focus on what I do best, on what adds value to my clients, and on what generates revenue and results. The rest is important, but not the best use of my time. Enter Jennasis! Jennasis has immediately allowed me to focus on the important stuff, get more critical things done, and accelerate my business. Wow! Jennasis is committed to getting things done the right way and with added value, including bringing new ideas to the table to help my business grow. Jennasis has overnight given my business more of it's most important asset ... me. If you're looking to accelerate your business, call Jennasis NOW!"  


Jeff Nischwitz, The Nischwitz Group


“Working with Jennasis & Associates has been a breath of fresh air. The time and dedication that Jennifer and her team put into their work is exemplary. They have a positive attitude and an amazing work ethic. I look forward to working with them in the future.“


Katie Lentz, Accounts Manager at 


"Jennasis & Associates was founded for and remains committed to the success of other entrepreneurs. Jennifer and her team of experts are creative, thoughtful, engaged and an asset to any business looking for solid performance results."

David Akers, President of Collaborent Group, Ltd.


"Please accept my highest recommendation for Jennifer and the Jennasis Team. I hired Jennasis to organize my speaking business during a growth phase for Miracle Resources. I needed help and I needed it fast! I was overwhelmed and at the time did not have a full staff at Miracle Resources. Jennasis entered all my contacts in excel and my constant contact so I can connect to audience members and clients. Jennasis created a new contract that is easier for clients to work with and they helped me organize my speaking engagements.  My company Miracle Resources had taken on 6 new clients and needed back up support to promote events and control my speaking schedule. Jennasis was the perfect solution as our business grew. Jennifer listens to every detail and is flexible in how you work with her company. Jennifer & The Jennasis Team are truly a blessing!" 


Katherine Miracle, Miracle Resources


“Jennasis & Associates have done so much work for Sow Food in such a short time with amazing results. Every time I’ve needed help they were there. You only get to click three attributes on these recommendations but I wish I could click them all. Anyone in just about any business would be delighted with Jennasis & Associates and their work.“


Brian Doyle, Chef at Beachland Ballroom

"Jennasis is great to work with! Helping me with their expertise so I can spend time with my clients!! A win-win situation."  

Duke Mabry, Fidelity National Title

"Jennasis is great to work with, easy, quick and very creative. I use Jennasis for everything from quick proofing to the creative layout of handouts and manuals. They turn things around quickly and communicate back with you right away. I have been looking for someone like them for years!"   


Susan Aldrich, Susan Aldrich and Associates LLC


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