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Jennifer Malcolm, Jennasis Speaks

About Jennifer 

Digital Marketing Entrepreneur & Women’s Empowerment Speaker

Are you looking to grow with passion and purpose — as a successful business owner, a cohesive team or an empowered individual?


Jennifer Malcolm has been in your shoes. She created digital marketing agency Jennasis & Associates out of her own desire to have it all: a family she could nurture and a rewarding entrepreneurial career. That’s why she created Jennasis as a completely virtual firm — providing clients and team members alike with a flexible and scalable model that constantly evolves and adapts to the ever-changing market, while fostering a family-first culture.


Jennifer is not only passionate about realizing this healthy and lucrative balance for herself and her business, however. She created the Jennasis Speaks platform to help other organizations and individuals seek out their own paths to passion, purpose and success.

Speaker Topics

Jennifer’s extensive experience makes her a relatable, well-sought-after speaker spanning on variety of topics including:

  • Innovative digital marketing strategies

  • Building and operating a virtual business

  • Facilitating remote work success from home

  • Identifying and creating your own ideal work-life balance

  • Finding and realizing your passionate purpose

  • Fostering and growing authentic relationships

  • Promoting connection and healing through the power of storytelling

  • Empowering women’s voices and choices


In addition to speaking engagements, Jennifer hosts the weekly podcast, “Jennasis Speaks: The Transformative Power of Women’s Stories.” Her award-winning efforts have been featured in “Cleveland Business Connects Magazine”, “Smart Business Magazine”, and most recently in “O! The Oprah Magazine” and “Entrepreneur.”


Ultimately, Jennifer has found her  passion in helping others realize theirs — whether you’re looking to enhance your personal or professional development for yourself or your team. Contact us if you’re interested in booking her speaking services for your next event!

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