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New Year, New Opportunities: Kicking it Off with O Magazine!


Since forming Jennasis & Associates in 2011, Founder and President Jennifer Malcolm has not only built a company that is trailblazing with its virtual office lifestyle, but she has also assembled a team of motivated, passionate and innovative individuals who can handle multiple marketing tasks for any industry. This has created outstanding results for Jennasis’ clients and has fostered an environment within the team of trust and authenticity, which makes for a wonderful working relationship.

Through the past eight years, the business has grown exponentially, both in terms of clients as well as team members. Through it all, Malcolm has kept her core company values of being passionate, innovative and collaborative, while also managing to keep balance between her and her team’s work and personal life.

Is this the key to success? Perhaps. Since opening her virtual “doors”, Malcolm has moved from doing it all herself to leading a team of almost 40 members who reside all over the country. Her portfolio of clients has also continued to grow, both nationally and internationally. She has received significant accolades for her work, including winning a Distinguished Sales & Marketing Award from SMEI and a Smart Business Smart 50 Award. Malcolm finished this past year by having an article published in Smart Business Magazine in December.

This new year shows no sign of slowing Malcolm and her Jennasis team down, as she will be featured in the February edition of O, The Oprah Magazine and Entrepreneur Magazine. Even with all of her successes, Malcolm was certainly a little bit in awe of this opportunity. It’s Oprah after all!

It started this past September, when Malcolm was approached by Advent Media, the production company for O, The Oprah Magazine as well as Entrepreneur Magazine for a featured profile. Seeing the great opportunity that this could bring to the business, Malcolm jumped at the chance to be featured. This was and is definitely a “wow” moment!

Recently, Malcolm spoke of her experience and what it can mean for Jennasis and Associates.

MH: Jennasis was already heading towards doubling its business this past year, and then along comes O, The Oprah Magazine! What were your initial thoughts, emotions, feelings?

JM: My initial feelings were elated, humbled, excited… a mix of disbelief, joy and pride!

MH: What was your approach to how you wanted to come across in the article?

JM: Bottom line was to be educational—to educate people about what we do and how we do it.

Malcolm’s goal was to establish herself and the team at Jennasis as thought leaders, giving them more credibility in the industry and in the niche they have created with their current and potential clients. Initially, Malcolm was interviewed by O Magazine’s writer, but she appreciated that she and the Jennasis team were also able to help shape the content and the goal of the article through dialogue with the production staff.

MH: How do you feel this opportunity will impact Jennasis' business?

JM: I believe it will have insanely positive influence on the Jennasis business, both to establish credibility for thought leadership, as well as sparking new growth.

Malcolm believes that this new growth will not only be with new clients, but also with new team members. In 2012, Malcolm and Jennasis were profiled in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, and she describes how an “inflow of inquiries of people who wanted to work with us, as well as potential clients, kind of flooded in, and I’m hoping for the same here.”

MH: How has the experience doing this O Magazine Article been so far? And how are you preparing for what may come from it once it is published?

JM: So far the experience for me has been extremely positive. I am still unsure how to fully do a preemptive strike on all the needs that we may have after it is published, but it has been extremely positive and I am looking forward to seeing the fruits of our labor.

Malcolm has been gearing up for the influx of business by interviewing and hiring new team members that will be able to help the team stay on pace with all the new business opportunities. Current team members have been working to keep all processes and timelines extremely organized to make the change in workflow as seamless as possible.

It is an exciting time at Jennasis and Associates! We are certainly starting off the year with a bang! You will be able to find Jennifer Malcolm’s profile in the February editions of O, The Oprah Magazine and Entrepreneur Magazine, both hitting newsstands in late January. Click here for a sneak peek!

Jennasis is excited for the future and what we can do for your businesses marketing needs. Connect with us to discover how we can help your business grow:

Marcia Hudgel has been writing stories and poems since she was very young, and has honed the ability to write in a variety of styles, which she has done for a number of websites over the past few years. When not writing, she enjoys practicing and teaching yoga, mindfulness and meditation, especially to women in addiction recovery.

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