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Jennasis and Associates: Where One Size Will Never Fit All

one size will never fit all

One Size Doesn’t Fit All...and it Shouldn’t!

Have you ever walked through the hallways of a professional organization and had the overwhelming sensation of shocking uniformity? Everything looks the same, feels the same, sounds the same, moves the same and thinks the same. The notion of corporate cloning isn’t only applicable in terms of professional expansion. Many companies are quite successfully building themselves armies of like-minded professionals punching the clock, pushing papers, nodding yes and clocking out. Enter Jennasis & Associates. To truly understand the beautiful symphony of professionals that founder and CEO Jennifer Malcolm has composed, one must understand the scope of this unique and special organization.

With diversity in the workplace such a hot topic in today’s professional society, Jennasis & Associates is taking an innovative approach to equip itself with the right team of individuals to not only get the job done but to get the job done well. In doing so, Jennasis finds itself in a position of growth with an infinite amount of potential. This potential is found within the unique structure of the Jennasis & Associates team.

A Different Approach to Personality Profiling

A popular step in the initial interview process for many organizations has become a series of uniform personality profile tests to ensure that an individual will fit with company culture. One such popular testing center measures twelve personality traits and spits an assessment out within 15 minutes of meeting you—but wait, no one is actually meeting you, you’re being factored in or out by a computer program. Computer generated reports like these are looking for key characteristics to determine whether or not you are going to be a professional fit for their organization based on a series of corporately mandated questions. This is all fine and dandy on paper, but what about going beyond paper to the person?

Jennasis & Associates has developed three strong core values known as PIC: Passion, Innovation, and Collaboration. When interviewing for a role within the Jennasis family, these three items are on the docket in regard to profiling a candidate’s personality. Does the candidate exhibit these three deeply rooted traits? The outcome of using the core values of PIC has been incredible. Jennasis & Associates has become a melting pot of top-notch professionals from all different backgrounds, professions, skill sets and demographics.

Too often when we hear the term “diversity” come up in today’s society, we are talking about a checklist of politically correct qualities upon which to hire: ethnicity, age, gender, etc. And while Jennasis & Associates understands, respects, and follows a high ethical and moral code in regard to diversity, we also understand that diversity isn’t only a punch list on an HR form. Diversity comes in many shapes, sizes, skill sets, talents, and gifts. A simple visit to the Jennasis & Associates “Meet our Team” page will tell you much of what you need to know. Initially, you are greeted by row after row of unique and beautiful people, and as you begin to read biographies you will be sure to notice the diverse and exceptional skills of each team member.

The Professional Melting Pot

Jennifer Malcolm began Jennasis & Associates 9 years ago with a simple vision. Her goal was to run a marketing company complete with a strong team of professionals, each being granted the opportunity to allow their talents to shine. She has been incredibly successful in this endeavor! Jennasis & Associates proudly employs over 40 professionals with varying backgrounds all working harmoniously together to produce cutting-edge marketing content.

Currently, on the Jennasis roster, you will definitely find “marketing people” who have held previous positions in account or market management. You are also going to find small business owners, individuals from the non-profit sector, professional writers, SEO specialists, web developers, teachers (yup! that’s our CEO, Jennifer Malcolm), and college interns working to hone their own crafts. However, there is one trait that all Jennasis & Associates team members share which can’t be measured by any standardized test. All Jennasis & Associates team members want to be here. The group works well together, conscientious of other team members’ time, requests, and expectations, all while maintaining a warm professional banter that borders on the feeling of family.

Bottom line: there is no one size that fits all within Jennasis & Associates. All sizes are meant to fit seems like a more appropriate statement. While the idea of a team with such varying backgrounds might require some deeper thought and consideration from those individuals used to the idea of corporate teams, the proof is in the numbers. Jennasis & Associates is thriving, having doubled in size over the last year and on track to do the same in 2019. One can’t help but wonder if some of the larger marketing and PR firms can boast the same.

The Impact on Our Clients

We already know that Jennasis & Associates is the perfect storm of varying professional backgrounds coming together with a common goal: success for our clients. So what can you expect as a client of Jennasis & Associates? You can expect to work with a passionate group of people capable of constructively integrating different skill sets and backgrounds in order to create high-end marketing material. You can expect to be heard. You can expect this group to work out the intricacies of your business that you might not even know to exist yet. Jennasis fosters a community of thought, and that wouldn’t be possible without all the beautiful minds approaching each task with a different approach from their coworkers.

The Jennasis group thrives in collaborative settings and welcomes the challenges associated with developing the right messaging for each project, all while having a little (OK, a lot) of fun along the way. It’s not always easy, and the group doesn’t always see eye to eye, but that’s the beauty of it. Without healthy tension, who knows what could happen; we could become another cookie cutter marketing firm. Still unsure? Follow this link to see for yourself some of the brands that are currently trusting us with their marketing efforts.

Marketing with Jennasis & Associates

Jennasis & Associates is a thriving and growing full-service marketing agency headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. Jennasis prides itself on its vast array of energetic marketing professionals all bringing unique talents to the table. Whether you are looking for a website redesign, branding strategy, marketing asset development, or social media management, Jennasis has an associate for you! If you are interested in learning more about the services offered by Jennasis & Associates, please visit the company page at Allow Jennasis & Associates to better serve your organization as the marketing experts you will want to collaborate with.

Jennifer Malcolm is the President and Founder of Jennasis and Associates, a team of designers, writers, developers, and strategists who help brands create more meaningful relationships with clients and consumers. Jennifer is an expert Marketing Consultant, Social Media Strategist, and Brand Developer. Her dynamic business savvy and cross-disciplinary thinking takes individuals, businesses, and speakers to the next level.

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