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Positivity In The Workplace

Positive Employees Are Creative, More Productive and Innovative

Is positivity in the workplace important? Absolutely. In our rapidly changing society positivity in the workplace is not only important but crucial to the health, prosperity and success of both business and employee.

Positivity bolsters and enhances the work environment. Positivity reaches into every realm of the employee; socially, mentally, psychologically, and physically. Research shows the more positive emotions people experience, the more successful, resilient and productive they are, giving companies with positive work environments a competitive advantage.

Positivity inspires, bolsters and enhances employee rational and the work environment. Whether you work virtually, in an office, or at the corporate headquarters, everyone benefits from positivity!

Socially: Fosters relationships.

Positive social connections through work enhance interpersonal relationships and arouse a sense of belonging. Positive support encourages employees to feel connected and close to one another. Positivity is reflected in respect, trust, and mutual appreciation.

As relationships are developed throughout the business, employees feel connected which allows the freedom to safely discuss new ideas. This helps develop a culture where team members recognize and care about the business, as well as one another’s personal lives. Positivity in the workplace often connects people like family.

Mentally: Our emotions affect a healthy state of mind.

How do you keep a healthy positive state of mind? One way is gratitude. Gratitude is demonstrated by leadership and built into the culture. Employees who feel appreciated are more likely to perform above and beyond.

We can also make the choice to be optimistic, and look on the bright side. Positive emotions open our minds to see more of what is happening around us. Our emotions affect our state of mind, positivity boosts a healthy mindset. New ideas provide solutions to the problems at hand. Positivity increases the ability to improve cognitive development unleashing creativity and innovativeness, advancing the abilities for employees to think out of the box!

Psychologically: Positive emotions arouse feelings of safety and security.

Positivity enriches our thinking and therefore our emotions improve. We feel safe to share our ideas. According to an article in Forbes, “It’s a relationship where one can let one’s guard down, a place where one can get honest feedback, and a place, ideally, where one can get psychological and social support in handling stressful situations.”

Psychologically, as employees have better mental health, their stress is reduced and depression is lower. Positive emotions in the workplace allow team members to think more creatively without feeling threatened.

This feeling of security imparts hope and increases motivation. An employee who is hopeful and self-confident is able to set and achieve attainable goals. An employee who is positive is more resilient and able to bounce back from problems faster. As positivity increases motivation rises, as motivation escalates there is more happiness and success for both employee and business. Thus we perceive increasing productivity for the entire business. Employees who are happier and more positive tend to be more productive, innovative and creative.

“The driving force behind workplace positive psychology is the notion that happier employees are more productive, more innovative, and create a more attractive working environment.” (Elizabeth F. Cabrera for Forbes)

Physically: More positivity through encouragement of physical activity will decrease sick time.

We all know exercise is a stress-reducer. Employers who encourage taking breaks, going for a walk and employee mindfulness foster a consideration not only just to complete a task at hand but for the personal well-being of their employees. Corporations who encourage fitness or even add exercise rooms have happier, less stressed people working more efficiently. Less stress leads to clarity of mind. A positive environment lowers blood pressure and lowers heart rates, increasing lives by 10 years.

High-Pressure companies spend 50% more on healthcare cost due to workplace stress. The more positive the workplace, the healthier the workforce. The healthier the workforce, the less is spent on healthcare costs.


Managers/Leaders that make it a habit to send just one email a day recognizing someone’s contribution, or executives who start meetings by focusing on positive strides or outstanding contributors, often find that a more positive tone follows naturally. In modeling positivity from the top, employees recognize and appreciate the encouragement demonstrating it to those whom are in their sphere as well.

It is also helpful for business leaders to utilize mentoring and / or training programs to build team members’ skill sets. Using learning management systems to create training courses is a great way to foster a caring and healthy work environment.

We at Jennasis and Associates have a supportive team that embraces the power of positivity in the workplace. We call ourselves the “Jennasis Family” - collaborating together on a daily basis to deliver the best possible results to our clients. Our positive work environment has proven time and again that a healthy work culture amounts to satisfied clients, who see results. We love taking brands to the next level with innovation, creativity and practical marketing strategies. If you would like to partner with us, shoot us an email to get started!

Laurel Dobson has 20+ years of experience in education, with a focus on Art and Language Arts. She is a published writer and poet, and currently works as a content writer and virtual assistant for Jennasis & Associates.

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