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Top Five Annoying Social Media Habits to Avoid

These days, not having a social media presence is a big business no-no. Having a viable and friendly online existence can be essential for business growth, gaining new clients, and expanding across the nation and into the world. But like every other aspect of running a successful business, you must have a strategy, or things can go wrong.

One way to avoid common social media pitfalls is to be prepared, so I give you the Top Five Annoying Social Media Habits to Avoid.

#1 – No Personality

Be it an automated message, ignoring requests, or linking each of your social media accounts so you only have to post once a day, not creating a tailored online presence can be a mistake. Set aside an hour to reply to potential clients. Do your research, track analytics on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to discover the best time to post for your company. Most of all, tailor your posts and responses to the client base you’re seeking out. Having automated replies and linked accounts may seem like a good idea at the time, but it removes the ‘social’ from the social media platform.

#2 – Keep It Professional!

Yes, sometimes life gets in the way and makes everything else feel rushed, but rushing is never a good idea. Each post you plan to share should be well written. Take an extra moment to proof everything before hitting the ‘share’ button. Also, every image should be crystal clear. Blurry photos detract from your overall image. And beware of the widgets! Too many widgets will make websites slow and overwhelm potential clients checking out your website. This also applies to slide shows. In theory, a slide shows seems to be the perfect way to show highlights of your business, but in reality, they often slow down computers and smart phones, frustrating potential clients until they give up— leaving your site behind.

#3 – Post Blasts

Your business can be overwhelming at times, which is natural. But don’t let a busy schedule lead to social media neglect. This can leave our websites, Facebook, and Twitter feeds as empty as a desert. But what’s worse than nothing is overcompensating with a media blast. You know, it’s when you post nothing for three weeks and everything in two days. Posts need to be maintained on a daily basis, and according to your social media plan. Unsure you’ll have the time to maintain a healthy social media presence and all your other duties? Use a website or app that times post content— like Buffer. Buffer also tracks analytics of each post, keeping all your information in one place.

#4 – Always So Serious

Okay, so you set up your Twitter account, and you’ve asked your friends and family to follow you. Then you begin to demand they retweet every post you make. This is a mistake! While it’s vital to keep your social media presence professional, it’s also valuable to keep friends and family just that— not employees. Just like in #1, take the time to show the you behind your business. Let your business speak for itself.

#5 – Hashtag Overload

Finally, #hashtag #overload!! This is when you have more meta tags than information in your posts. A few strategically placed SEO words or tags is one thing, but using nearly every 140 characters of a Twitter post to type out hashtags will make people skip over your posts. Why? With so many little blue #s, it’s hard to see what is important about your message. Learn what tags will help you reach potential clients and stick with them. More does not equal better.

The best way to tackle any Social Media Marketing is with a well thought out Social Media Marketing Plan. Make sure your posts are friendly, well written, inviting, and informative. Use this international window to showcase the highlights of your business, and take the time to reply personally to the people reaching out to you. But most of all, remember your overall objective of your business, and make sure each post you share helps you reach it.

Aryn Youngless is a freelance writer who has contributed to, Warm Milk Journal, The Free Venice Beachhead, and has done script coverage for an unnamed Netflix Series. She lives in Los Angeles, California.

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