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Creating Your Brand

In order for your company or business to be recognizable in the world, you must have a brand. The things that make your business identifiable to others such as your business name, logo, taglines, symbols and several other key things that identify your business from all the others within your market.

Branding is a very big part of marketing today. Companies spend thousands of dollars trying to create unique logos, catchy slogans and things that truly get their message across to clients and potential clients they are looking to do business with.

Your brand is important and should be thought out carefully. As we stated last week, you need to stand out in the ocean of businesses across the globe, and branding is one key thing that helps you to do that. It helps clients know this is who you are and what your company is all about.

There are several things to consider when creating a brand standard, here are just a few:

  1. Logos - Once you have created a logo for your business, it remains tried and true across all of your communication pieces. It is what identifies your company on your website, social media platforms, letterhead, newsletters, marketing cards, business cards, and other pieces of communication your business releases. Your logo, once solidified becomes the identifiable look of your business brand. Logos should only be changed if you are rebranding your entire look and strategy.

  2. Symbols/Graphics - Think of large known companies such as Nike or Starbucks, there is a graphic that is known by all that goes along with that brand name. Nike has their “swoosh” that is identifiable around the globe and Starbucks “Siren” is known to anyone in search of a good cup of coffee. Graphics help bring a visual piece to your logo and brand. Find something that has meaning and visually represents who you are and what your business is about.

  3. Fonts – There are a myriad of fonts or typeface you can use to create your logo. You can use all capital letters or all lowercase letters. Different fonts create different moods and speak differently even though it’s the same word or message. There are casual fonts, more formal fonts, and all of these subliminally communicate who you are and what you are about. Find a font that isn’t too trendy and won’t be out of style in a year or two. Use one that you truly love because again, it will be used on every piece of communication that goes out for your business. You don’t want to use something that you’ll grow tired of.

  4. Colors - Colors also communicate meanings and create a mood. Softer pastel colors say one thing, while bold and bright colors say something else. Colors may seem like an unimportant part of your branding, but it’s actually one of the biggest. Colors affect responses from others. It might be good to research how colors affect the human brain in order to decide what colors you want to choose for your brand. Also remember that different colors have different meanings to other cultures. If you are a global business this would be beneficial to understand.

  5. Pictures/Visuals – It’s important to make wise choices when choosing visuals and pictures to go along with your brand. Pictures speak LOUDLY and communicate powerfully. It’s important that the pictures and visuals you choose to go along with your branding fit and flow with the message you are trying to communicate. For example, if your business is about empowering women, then make sure your visuals communicate that. If you are a restaurant and are about creating quality foods to consumers, make sure your brand has pictures of delicious foods that make consumers salivate when they see them!

Working with professional graphic artists and marketing people will truly help you build a quality brand. Jennasis and Associates has a team or professionals available to help draw out your strategies and clearly communicate through creating a brand.

If you need help creating a brand or in rebranding your business, contact someone at Jennasis & Associates to let us know how we can best help you. Click on our website at or email us at

About the Author: Pam Lozano is part of the Jennasis and Associates team as a blogger, creative writer and editor. She is also the Founder/Executive Director of Pure Design Ministries & Magazine. Pure Design Ministries exists to inspire next generation women to live authentically. Pure Design Magazine is a magazine for teens by teens to inspire girls in areas of purity, modesty, self image and self worth. Check out her websites at: or for more information.

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