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Dominating the Social Media Arena

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well at the Virginia Marti College of Art & Design (VMCAD)! Earlier this month, a group of students presented their business strategy plans for Jennasis & Associates and Jennasis Speaks. Their findings were well thought-out and highly informative.

“Entrepreneurship” is an intensive business course offered by VMCAD to assist aspiring artists of all disciplines interested in developing arts-based businesses, covering topics that impact an entrepreneur’s daily operations. Over the course of their studies, small groups were tasked with analyzing and evaluating each of Jennasis’ three (3) primary disciplines – virtual assistance, social media marketing, and the speakers bureau. One piece of information in particular stood out — Jennasis and Associates is UNIQUE in the Cleveland/Akron market for social media strategy and content curation. Simply put, Jennasis and Associates needs to DOMINATE this space.

Social media has fully erupted, and there are still huge opportunities for growth. Because there are so many social media platforms to connect on, some business owners still don’t know if they should be tweeting or posting or liking or pinning. But Jennasis does. We have been evolving in this space as quickly as new platforms emerge; and, social media is not going anywhere anytime soon.

The Jennasis team is most appreciative of the efforts and creativity that each of the VMCAD students poured into their business strategy presentations. Katherine Miracle, an expert marketer and Founder/Owner of Miracle Resources, led this entrepreneurship course. Under her tutelage, the students took a very critical look at our business, pushing us to take a much closer look at our services and what we do best.

We are well aware that social media takes great strategic planning, so we are not attempting to make it look easier than it really is. But, Jennasis has been ahead of the social media curve for the past five years, while other firms are playing catch up now. Promoting these services to potential clients is the best way to sell Jennasis, and in turn, sell some of our other services as well.

Thanks VMCAD…keep up that entrepreneurial spirit!

Jennifer Chernisky is the Founder & President of Jennasis and Associates – a virtual business of seasoned professionals who are ready to take on your business challenges specializing in social media, web design, creative and virtual assistance. She also launched Jennasis Speaks – a different kind of speaker’s bureau matching speakers to your event needs.

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