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The Power of Testimonies

When other people speak about you and your business, what do they have to say?

You may not often think about this question, but the reputation you carry in your city, state and region matters a LOT. Creating a positive name in your industry is a very powerful thing. It can open many new opportunities in your field if you find ways to use what others are saying to your advantage.

In the same way, having a negative reputation can do a lot of damage to your business. It’s important to truly listen when negative things are said about your company or brand and find ways to remedy them. Whether it’s an associate who isn’t working well with clients, or a product that isn’t living up to expectations, you must find ways to solve problems in order to protect the standing of your business and brand. Having a negative reputation in your industry is harmful and will only lead to a decline in business. If this occurs, find ways to change the opinions of others and make things right. Go the extra mile to serve your clients until they are not only satisfied but delighted with your service and products.

On the other hand, when you are fulfilling the needs of your clients, and your products and services are reliable, purposefully collect positive feedback and testimonies. This can create a positive energy and momentum for your business. Find ways to capture testimonies from your clients by asking them for feedback. This feedback can be funneled into effective marketing strategies for future growth in your business. Potential clients value what others have to say about you, and testimonies create credibility with others.

When others have a positive experience with your services or products, ask them to document it and write it down so you can have it to present to others. There are several ways you can ask clients to give you feedback that can be used as testimonies, here are just a few ideas gathering them:

  • Feedback forms: Find ways to ask your clients for feedback. If your business hosts events, at the end of the event, ask every attendee to fill out a feedback form and sign it. Use any and all positive feedback as a testimony. Feedback forms can also be part of your website or client contract agreements.

  • Emails: When clients email an encouragement to you or an employee you work with, ask that client for permission to use that encouragement as a testimony on your website or social media platforms. Encouragement brings life and energy to your team and sharing it with others only increases it.

  • Phone calls: If a customer calls to say thank you or how much they love a product, ask them to send a quick note via email or text stating their gratitude and ask permission to use their comment as a testimony for future clients. Most people will be happy to allow you to share satisfactory thoughts in order to help your business.

  • Thank you notes: When people take time to write or send you a thank you note, they often include how your service helped their business. Take those comments and include them as a testimony for your business.

Social media platforms and websites are great places to post testimonies and positive feedback about your company. Brochures, one sheets and other marketing packets are also places to utilize positive feedback from others. Find as many ways as possible to utilize any and all positive feedback from those you work with in order to further a great reputation for your business within your industry!

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