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As we enter into the holiday season and come to the end of another year, it is often hard to stay focused and on task. We get distracted with the glitz and glamour of the holiday season, decorations and shopping, upcoming events and all that needs to be done both personally and professionally. If we don’t continue to Lean In and stay on task, we may lose an important two months of the year.

Many companies and businesses are already strategizing, planning and creating budgets for the next year. If they haven’t finalized them already, they are definitely in the works. See these last two months as a time not only to invest in your current clientele, but also to search out new potential clients for the next year. Lean into these last several weeks and make an extra effort to connect with people. Remind them of all your business has to offer.

Here are a few suggestions as we close out the year:

  1. Book face-to-face time with potential clients. Is there a person or company you wish you could solidify as a customer? Make time for them over lunch or dinner to go out and talk business. During the holidays, many people enjoy getting out of the office and meeting with others. It’s a perfect time to pitch possibilities for the New Year. Many people are already thinking about ways to revamp their business in the upcoming year.

  2. Show potential clients the value of hiring you. As you meet with new clients, listen to the issues or problems they may be facing. Find creative ways to help them solve those problems by hiring your company. Answer their dilemma with a statement of “my company could create an entirely new social media platform that would bring new business to your company”. Make sure to state the value that you bring to their business. Include what’s in it for them.

  3. Touch base with current clients. This is also a great time of the year to touch base with clients who may be on the fringe. Make time to talk to them, in person if possible, but at least by phone or Skype. See if there are new services you can provide for their business. Find new ways to build bridges to keep them happy with your services.

  4. Close those final deals. If you have any potential clients hanging in the balance, find ways to close the deal before the year ends. Don’t wait until it’s too late, make that extra phone call, write that extra email, or set up a meeting to prove to that person that your service or product makes the absolute best sense as they head into the New Year.

  5. Include holiday “signing bonuses or incentives”. Create marketing strategies around this time of the year. Everyone is looking for a deal during the holidays. Find ways to generate savings by adding in additional services, or percentage discounts to get a client on board and solidified by the end of the calendar year.

Be creative and personal as the year comes to an end. Lean in and finish strong and you’ll start the New Year feeling inspired and ready to take on new clients and business!

If you need help creating a brand or in rebranding your business, contact someone at Jennasis & Associates to let us know how we can best help you. Click on our website at or email us at

Pam Lozano is part of the Jennasis and Associates team as a blogger, creative writer and editor. She is also the Founder/Executive Director of Pure Design Ministries & Magazine. Pure Design Ministries exists to inspire next generation women to live authentically. Pure Design Magazine is a magazine for teens by teens to inspire girls in areas of purity, modesty, self image and self worth. Check out her websites at: or for more information.

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