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The Balancing Act – Personal Health and Business Life

Our personal health truly impacts our work and business life. Our emotions and physical health play a part in our productivity for our companies and clients whether we realize it or not. So often in our fast paced society, we book one more meeting, take on one more client or answer one last email even when we are stressed out and not doing well. We put in extra hours well past our allotted schedule. We multitask, take work home, read up on articles, learn new programs or answer one last text in order to keep ahead of the competition. But what are we sacrificing when we try to squeeze it all in. Very often, we sacrifice crucial personal needs that we sometimes aren’t even aware of.

Have you ever sat down and really made time to process and ask yourself – How am I really doing?

How am I – body, soul, mind and spirit?

When we make time to sit down and evaluate where we are truly at in life, we may be surprised at the answers that surface. We may become emotional all of a sudden, or feel stressed or anxious. We may realize we have had ongoing headaches or body aches. We may realize how little sleep we are getting and how exhausted we are. We may see that a day off or a scheduled vacation are in order.

Creating balance within our lives and schedules is crucial to remain effective in the long haul. We must learn to set boundaries and allow ourselves time to assess how we are doing both physically and mentally to remain effective in our careers.

So if we sat down right now for coffee and I asked you how you were really doing, what would your truthful answer be?

Here are a few suggestions on how to remain balanced in this crazy fast-paced life we lead:

  1. Schedule time to do things you love! We make appointments for work, the doctor, our kid’s sports activities, to get our car fixed and many other things. We often forget to schedule time to play and replenish. What do you love to do? Create time in your schedule to do things that give you life – whatever it might be. You may not have the flexibility of an entire day off, but a few hours walking through the woods, an afternoon to go shopping with a friend, an evening out with the guys, whatever will refill your tank, make sure to make time for it.

  2. Make time for relationships. Family and friends are crucial to a healthy life. We need to enjoy time with others – laughing, crying, reminiscing, or enjoying a great meal together. Create space within your schedule for those people who bring life and energy into your day.

  3. Find a good book to read to stimulate your mind. Each individual person is inspired by different things. Challenge yourself to read one great book a month to incite your thinking. I’d even suggest reading one book a year that is on a topic that you disagree with. Read up and study a different perspective or lifestyle just for the sake of expanding your worldview. Read about other cultures, religions, or business models just to challenge yourself and learn about others.

  4. Schedule time for Adventure! When we are children, we love to do things that are exciting and FUN. As we grow older, we often forget to make time for fun. Try something you’ve never done. Do one thing next month that scares you to pieces, yet excites you to think about. It’s living adventurously and will bring joy to your life.

  5. Carve out time to exercise. We ALL need exercise for our physical bodies to function properly. Whether it’s working with a trainer at a gym, or going for a morning stroll through the woods, find time for physical activity. Go play a sport you enjoy, jog with a friend, whatever works for your schedule, and make sure to create space for physical exercise.

  6. Eat healthy. Eating healthy is difficult in our fast-paced lives. It’s so much easier to swing through a fast food restaurant and grab a burger. But we forget the affects poor eating habits have on our health. We are tired and lethargic. We gain weight and feel bloated. Make wise choices in the food you eat. It’s fuel for your body and in order to function at a high level, you need to eat healthy.

  7. Sleep is essential. Getting an adequate amount of sleep is crucial to your business life. If we are tired and fatigued, we don’t think clearly, our minds do not process as quickly and we aren’t as creative. Make sure you get to bed at a decent hour so you can wake up refreshed and ready to take on your workday.

These are just some practical ways we can remain balanced in life. These habits truly affect our business life and productivity. Find ways to incorporate some of these suggestions into your weekly schedule in order to live a more balanced life and be truly happy.

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Pam Lozano is part of the Jennasis and Associates team as a blogger, creative writer and editor. She is also the Founder/Executive Director of Pure Design Ministries & Magazine. Pure Design Ministries exists to inspire next generation women to live authentically. Pure Design Magazine is a magazine for teens by teens to inspire girls in areas of purity, modesty, self image and self worth. Check out her websites at: or for more information.

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