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Breathing Life into Others Dreams

The dream behind Jennasis and Associates began as I sat across the restaurant table in a place of brokenness. A lifelong friend who is also a business coach met with me to cheer me up and help sort through the murky waters I was wading through. Having gone through a divorce, I now needed to find a way to provide for myself and my three children and didn’t know where to begin.

By nature, I am a people person who loves parties and entertaining, so I immediately thought of starting a catering business. I could cook and enjoy people while providing for my family at the same time. As we continued to explore that option, we realized the initial investment would be substantial without a great profit return. We also recognized this type of business would take me away from my children in the evenings and weekends, which was not what I desired. I wanted to find a career that would substantially provide income while also being available for them at home. I wanted to be at school activities, sporting events, and able to attend things that were important to them.

As we talked, she asked me intentional questions about my personal dreams and desires. She drew me out exploring different options with me. She didn’t try to coerce me into a job; she tried to help me define who I was and who I wanted to be. What did I want to do with my life? How could I make a difference in the world and benefit people around me? We discussed options by discussing my passions, capabilities and past work experience. All of a sudden seeds of a dream began to take root in my heart. The very thing I desired for myself was what I wanted to help provide for others. I wanted to provide a way for women (and men) to fully use their professional skills in a work environment that allowed them to set their own schedule and work from home so they could be readily available to the needs of their own families. The “either / or” choices was not an option, I believe we all deserve to have “both / and”.

I previously worked from home as a virtual admin and marketing provider and - enjoyed it. Ideas for launching a virtual assistant’s business began to emerge and ideas began to grow into a reality. I had connections to many professionals looking for this exact combination for their career. After doing some research, I realized these types of businesses were prevalent on the west and east coasts, but not many were in the Midwest where I was from.

Jennasis and Associates was launched in January 2011 to empower women within the work place by enabling them to have a full-time professional career, while being fully present at home for their children’s needs. Jennasis was soon featured in the local Cleveland paper and business took off quickly. Professional administrators, writers, graphic artists, web designers and social media experts were added to the team to come alongside corporations who did not have the financial capabilities to hire new staff or did not have the time or expertise for certain projects. The virtual assistance business allows companies to add additional resources without paying a salary or benefits, insurance or vacations / sick days.

Jennasis Speaks was also launched in 2013 as a professional Speakers’ Bureau to help organizations who are looking for expert speakers with a depth and breadth of knowledge, training, facilitation and inspiration. Jennasis Speaks matches speakers to your organization for a truly unique experience. Both branches of Jennasis are growing and the dream of becoming the #1 virtual assistance business in the Midwest Region of the U.S. is underway.

For further information on Jennasis & Associates and how we can help you today, click on our website at or email us at

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