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7 Ways to Re-Engage Clients

Often times our professional and personal lives become so busy that we almost function on auto pilot. We go throughout our work days doing our jobs – whether that’s administration, sales and marketing, or customer service. We answer calls, deal with problems, and try to drum up new business. Often times when things are going well for our business, some of our long standing clients get overlooked. If they aren’t complaining, everything must be good – right? Well not necessarily.

As in any relationship, communication is a two way street. And in order to keep customers happy, we need to continually be checking in on them and re-engaging with them. We need to remind them why our business is the best around and why they chose to use our company in the first place. Customer service and customer relations are a key part to you maintaining ongoing revenue. And keeping tabs on each and every client on a regular basis is an important part of customer service that often gets overlooked. Here are a few key ways to re-engage with your current clients.

  1. Make a personal phone call to check in. By simply calling and asking how things are going between you and your client, you may save your business relationship. Something may be brewing on their end that they are dissatisfied with, and by calling and checking in, you show that you care about the client and their needs.

  2. Send a hand written thank you note. When a client or customer has been faithful and with your business for an extended period of time, write them a thank you note, simply thanking them for their business and commitment to you. Express your hope to continue working with them in the future.

  3. Feature clients on your social media page. Giving props or thanks to clients on social media brings attention, focus and free marketing for their company. Be sure to tag them on your post so they are aware you are featuring them.

  4. Send a quick email. If you are in an overloaded season and do not have the time for handwritten notes, sometimes an email to a client to check in can be helpful. Ask questions of them to see if things between your company and theirs are good. Ask if they need anything further from you to keep communication lines open.

  5. Ask about things that are important to them personally. When you run into a client at business events or functions, ask them about things that are important to them - their children, spouse or favorite hobby. This shows that you care about the person and the client rather than just the income they bring to your business.

  6. Stop by with a small gift. Personal gifts such as chocolate, tickets to a game or show, or other tokens to again say thanks show that you care about your clients and the business they bring your way. Delivering them in person adds an extra touch of care.

  7. Take them out to lunch. Be willing to spend some money to say thank you to those clients who bring in a lot of business each month. Making time to go out to lunch to further relate and communicate shows you care about your professional relationship and their business.

These are just a few ways you can re-engage with your current clients. Don’t allow the busyness of your job to keep you from forgetting those you need to stay in business. Show your clients that you need and appreciate them by staying in communication with them on an on-going basis. For further information on Jennasis & Associates and how we can help you today, click on our website at or email us at

Pam Lozano is part of the Jennasis and Associates team as a blogger, creative writer and editor. She is also the Founder/Executive Director of Pure Design Ministries & Magazine. Pure Design Ministries exists to inspire next generation women to live authentically. Pure Design Magazine is a magazine for teens by teens to inspire girls in areas of purity, modesty, self image and self worth. Check out her websites at: or for more information.

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