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What does your Brand Say about You?

We are inundated with messages every single day. Images, logos, brands and slogans fill our minds without us even knowing or realizing it. These images and brands say something to us.

An elongated check mark on a piece of clothing or product has become a household name around the world. That “check mark” brand called Nike is known globally as a quality athletic product. They have created an image and a brand that millions of young men and women embrace. It isn’t just the look of their clothing or shoe line, it’s also the motto, “Just Do It”, that gives a sense of empowerment to athletes or those desiring to accomplish something great.

A small white apple with one bite out of it has global recognition as one of the leading electronic brands around the world. Any products connected to this name are sought out globally. The Apple brand is constantly pushing the envelope to give us merchandise that “we gotta have”. They have created a status in society, with a message that we must have one to be a part. Apple is known for quality electronics and is paving the way in an industry. They have created a global brand.

Disney, Starbucks and many other companies are globally known because they have created a brand that is identifiable to their market. They have attached to their name and image a feeling or experience that is intangible, yet distinct to their brand. When you walk into a Starbucks store, there is an expected experience. The look, feel and smell of the store in tangibly “Starbucks”. People are looking for that Starbucks experience and taste every time they walk through the door or drive through the drive thru.

So what does your brand say about you? Have you ever stepped back to think that the name, look, color scheme and motto of your business all reflect the type of “community” you desire to create? In building your brand, it’s important to ask yourself several key questions:

  1. What does my business offer others that no one else can offer?

  2. What sets us distinctly apart from everyone else?

  3. What do we hope our clients experience while working with us?

  4. What look or image do we want to carry through on everything that identifies our company?

  5. What do we want to be known for?

  6. What things do we hope others will say about us?

  7. How do we hope our business impacts the world?

Some of these goals may seem lofty, but the brands that people are drawn to, are brands that are set apart from the crowd. As you consider yours, ask yourself does my brand truly represent me? Is the color scheme something you love and you won’t grow tired of in a year or two? Is there meaning behind your name, motto and mission statement or is it just a “catchy slogan” that you hope will stick? These things truly need to come from the passions within you, so they stand the test of time and help you endure the hardships of growing a business in a competitive world.

If after reading this blog, you realize that your brand doesn’t represent you well, consider meeting with an expert and reworking your look. Rebranding can bring new life, energy and new business your way. Jennasis & Associates has a team of experts who will walk you through a process to help you clearly identify where you are and where you need to be. Our team of professional graphic artists and writers can take your thoughts and create a new logo and look to revitalize your company and create new opportunities for business. Our team looks forward to the challenge and desires to help you grow your business.

For further information on how Jennasis & Associates can help you today, click on our website at or email us at

Pam Lozano is the Founder/Executive Director of Pure Design Ministries & Magazine. Pure Design Ministries exists to inspire next generation women to live authentically. Pure Design Magazine is a magazine for teens by teens to inspire girls in areas of purity, modesty, self image and self worth. Check out her websites at: or for more information.

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