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The What

Jennasis Speaks is a weekly podcast hosted by Jennifer Malcolm, Founder and CEO of Jennasis & Associates. It’s a platform that empowers women to safely share their stories, promoting healing and growth through the power of collective vulnerability and acceptance.

Join Jennifer and a special guest each episode as they highlight stories of perseverance, empowerment, triumph and vulnerability on the path to passion and purpose—and gain the inspiration to seek your own. Subscribe to join the #JennasisMovement to empower women’s voices and reclaim the power over your own narrative.

The Why

Founder Jennifer Malcolm is a serial entrepreneur whose own story is driven by her desire to overcome devastating trauma and overwhelming obstacles to have it all: a family she could nurture, a thriving career and a driving purpose to live a life of passion and intention. Her experiences have enabled her to build authentic relationships with other women, and to help connect and inspire them to find their own paths to passion and purpose.

Jennasis Speaks provides a way to hear a variety of unique stories and to inspire listeners to pursue their passion and get through obstacles with grace, determination and sheer willpower. It is a beautiful opportunity for women to hear the stories of others, and know they are not alone. To lean on and feel encouraged by the power of another woman rather intimated. To stand together and make a life filled with purpose. The podcast will cover topics such as education, motherhood, adoption, society, business and entrepreneurship. 

The How

A new Jennasis Speaks episode will be available on Buzzsprout each Thursday. Want to hear the latest podcast? Subscribe and listen here. 


Healing from Past Secrets by Shining Light into Dark Places - Jennifer with Laura Steinbrink

Laura Steinbrink grew up with an unanswered question and a secret. She wanted to know why her birth parents gave her up for adoption. And then there was her secret — that as a child, she was sexually abused. She started to learn the reason behind her adoption at age 17; thirty years later she found the strength to reveal the sexual abuse. Over time, she built what she thinks of as her toolbox — tactics that kept her strong and safe while she found answers and to move past secrets to acceptance and healing. Laura on Thursday joins Jennifer Malcolm, President, and CEO of Jennasis Speaks, to share her experience moving past secrets to her continued success.

Laura Steinbrink

OCTOBER 22 2020


A Widow’s Walk - The Journey from Sudden Loss to Lasting Strength - Jennifer with Mary Ann Stropkay

Five years ago this past September, Mary Ann Stropkay’s life was upended by a sudden loss when her husband Eric collapsed and died at the couple’s home at age 51. Tragically, Mary Ann and her teenage children were unwilling witnesses to the aftermath of Eric’s death, a traumatic experience that made Mary Ann’s walk through widowhood even more painful. Mary Ann joins Jennifer Malcolm to share the challenges she continues to encounter, from facing her own grief to helping her children with their loss to coping with the social isolation widowhood often brings.

Mary Ann Stropkay

OCTOBER 15 2020


A New Reflection - Restoring Self Image - Jennifer with Shelley Cull

From all appearances, Shelley Cull had it all and did it all, and then some: She’s a business startup dynamo, obtained her business degree at age 50, and raised a family. 

But Shelley saw herself through the lens of her mother’s constant criticisms of her appearance, attire, and abilities.  Shelley’s self-image reflected the flaws her mother perceived. Once she decided to reject the distorted self-image, however, Shelley tapped her strategic business sense to find solutions, reject her mother’s influence, and create a new reflection.


OCTOBER 8 2020


Listening to the Wisdom Within to Pave a New Path and Create Joy - Jennifer with Kim Kucinich

In this episode of Jennasis Speaks, Jennifer interviews Kim Kucinich, motivational speaker, career coach and founder of You Can Stop the Madness Kim helps others create personal power by sharing her journey. The journey began with Kim finding the courage to confront and reject the life example set by her mother, a woman weighed down by frustration and unfulfilled dreams. By the journey’s end, Kim found the courage to change course and find the help she needed to create a fulfilling life.

Kim Kucinich.png

OCTOBER 1 2020


Educating the Next Generation on Antiracism and Universal Design - Jennifer with Tesha Fitzgerald

Jennifer Malcolm interviews Tesha Fitzgerald, author of Antiracism and Universal Design for Learning: Building Expressways for Success, about her journey to utilize education to reach students in the margins. She emphasizes how teachers can be advocates and allies for black and brown children to help them fight for their success.

Tesha Fritzgerald Buzzsprout.png



Powered by Hope: A Cancer “Thriver’s” Journey - Jennifer with Teri Griege

On this episode of Jennasis Speaks, Jennifer interviews colon cancer survivor and “thriver” Teri Griege, whose determination and courage serves as an inspiration to others coping with cancer. A lifelong athlete, Teri already had two Ironman races under her belt before her colon cancer diagnosis. Despite the diagnosis (which she continues to fight to this day) she has completed the Ironman World Championship, the World Championship Half Ironman, and all six World Marathon Majors. She inspires others with cancer to keep hope alive and has helped raise funds for various cancer research organizations around the country. 

Teri Griege Buzzsprout.png



The Healing Power of Clinical Hypnotherapy - Jennifer with Joni Marra

All of us carry our life experiences with us, good and bad. In some cases, those experiences weigh us down and keep us from realizing our goals. Today, Jennifer Malcolm interviews a clinical hypnotherapist and breath therapist, Joni Marra, who helps her clients confront and shed those experiences that are holding them back.  Joni shares about her practice, her passion for helping others, and how her journey led her to where she is today.

Joni Marra Buzzsprout.png



Overcoming Invisible Loss: A Mother's Journey - Jennifer with Natasha Kossler

Motherhood is a precious journey—one that for some, begins with a silent struggle. In this episode of Jennasis Speaks, Natasha Kossler shares her story of overcoming heartbreaking miscarriages, stillbirth, and the challenges of adoption to finally realize her dream as a mother of five.

Tasha Kossler Buzzsprout.png



Breaking Generational Curses: Young, Black & Beautiful with Coryonna Robinson

There has been a lot of racial unrest across the country, and Coryonna Robinson joins us in today’s episode to talk about how she has been dealing with that as a young black woman recently out of college teaching the next generation. She talks about breaking generational curses, and rising above racial inequality to be successful.

Coryonna Robinson- Guest Image - IG.png

AUGUST 27, 2020


Broken to Beautiful: A Survival Story - Jennifer Malcolm with Amy Stack

When someone undergoes childhood trauma, it can often leave you scarred, angry, and bitter. But Amy Stack found a way to work through her brokenness to give back to the world and become a mother of 7 children, one of which has special needs. For someone who wasn’t medically supposed to have children, she overcame astounding odds to be a super-mom extraordinaire. 

Amy Stack Guest Image - IG.png

AUGUST 20, 2020


From Nice Girl to Courageous Leader - Jennifer with Sara Harvey

Jennifer Malcolm interviews Sara Harvey. Sara is the founder of Innertelligence, where she coaches and trains leaders and leadership teams to tap into their potential and develop courage and confidence in their abilities. She integrates meditation, mindfulness, and mind-body health practices into her coaching experience. Sara shares how she overcame things she learned as a child to rewrite her story from being NICE to become a courageous leader.

Sara Harvey Guest Image - IG.png

AUGUST 13, 2020


Shifting Gears and Growing Through Adversity - Jennifer with Tricia Downing

Jennifer Malcolm interviews Tricia Downing - athlete, community leader, and disability advocate.  20 years ago Tricia experienced a life-changing event, now she speaks on resiliency in the face of adversity.  Learn more about her journey and work to create a more inclusive society.

Tricia Downing Guest Image - IG.png

AUGUST 6, 2020


Girl Boss Power for the She Elevates Generation - Jennifer with DeLores Pressley

DeLores Pressley is the CEO of DeLores Pressley Worldwide and the Founder of She Elevates™, a non-profit organization created to empower young girls to become entrepreneurs. She is a powerful speaker and motivator, and we dive into the importance of her work empowering young girls on today’s podcast.


JULY 30, 2020


Our Blessed Hot Mess Adoption Journey - Jennifer with Sarah Bratt

Jennifer Malcolm interviews Sarah Bratt, an adoptive mother of 3 beautiful Ethiopian girls. Sarah shares about her journey of adoption, and lessons learned along the way. Sarah explains what “Disruptive International adoptions” are and how she and her husband navigated support systems, community resources, and the mental health system in the midst of raising their family.


JULY 23. 2020


Who Am I? A Struggle With Biracial Identity - Jennifer with Rizpah Waytes

Rizpah Waytes, a long-time Jennasis team member, joins Jennifer for a powerful discussion on being a bi-racial woman in a world highly influenced by race. We dive into Rizpah’s unfiltered experiences, the idea of assumed identity, and finding her voice to ignite positive change. 

RIzpah Waytes Guest Image - Buzzsprout.p

JULY 16, 2020


New Beginnings and the Why - Jennifer Malcolm interviewed by Kelly Waite

Jennifer Malcolm launches a lifelong dream with this podcast. She is interviewed by Kelly Waite, Chief Strategy Officer at Jennasis & Associates. Jennifer shares her why in creating this podcast by beginning to unravel her story. Her goal is to empower women, to break off the controversies of stories and let truth and healing arise. Jennifer's goal is to spread this message to women everywhere.


JULY 09, 2020

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