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Jennasis Speaks Podcast: The Transformative Power of Women’s Stories

Every woman has a story…and every story matters.
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The What

Jennasis Speaks is a weekly podcast hosted by Jennifer Malcolm, Founder and CEO of Jennasis & Associates. It’s a platform that empowers women to safely share their stories, promoting healing and growth through the power of collective vulnerability and acceptance.

Join Jennifer and a special guest each episode as they highlight stories of perseverance, empowerment, triumph and vulnerability on the path to passion and purpose—and gain the inspiration to seek your own. Subscribe to join the #JennasisMovement to empower women’s voices and reclaim the power over your own narrative.

The Why

Founder Jennifer Malcolm is a serial entrepreneur whose own story is driven by her desire to overcome devastating trauma and overwhelming obstacles to have it all: a family she could nurture, a thriving career and a driving purpose to live a life of passion and intention. Her experiences have enabled her to build authentic relationships with other women, and to help connect and inspire them to find their own paths to passion and purpose.

Jennasis Speaks provides a way to hear a variety of unique stories and to inspire listeners to pursue their passion and get through obstacles with grace, determination and sheer willpower. It is a beautiful opportunity for women to hear the stories of others, and know they are not alone. To lean on and feel encouraged by the power of another woman rather intimated. To stand together and make a life filled with purpose. The podcast will cover topics such as education, motherhood, adoption, society, business and entrepreneurship. 

The How

A new Jennasis Speaks episode will be available on Buzzsprout each Thursday. Want to hear the latest podcast? Subscribe and listen here. 

Image by Kate Oseen
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