Our expert team at Jennasis & Associates is a thing of beauty powered by brilliant minds. 

Jennifer Malcolm, President
Jennifer is an expert Marketing Consultant, Social Media Strategist, and Brand Developer. A professional speaker herself, Jennifer also founded an extension of Jennasis and Associates called Jennasis Speaks. Jennifer’s entrepreneurial spirit motivates her passion to empower others with a fresh, energetic perspective to the world of digital marketing. Fun fact: To relax and unwind, Jenn loves listening to live music, dancing, and cooking with friends!
Kelly Waite, Chief Operating Officer
Kelly is an accomplished Senior Marketing professional with a wealth of experience in strategic planning, creative development, analytics, and advertising. She can effectively manage multiple high-priority projects to achieve improved marketing performance. Kelly draws her inspiration from Walt Disney’s motivational words, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”
Fun fact: Besides her marketing knowledge, Kelly is also a Broadway musical buff!
Steffani Baker, VP of Finance & HR
Steffani is a health educator with a passion for learning and empowering the community. Her strong communication, administrative, and organizational skills have been an asset to her recent roles in the non-profit community. She is also a thorough researcher with a knack for creating captivating and educational presentations. She lives in the Cleveland Area with her husband, daughter, and pooch. Fun fact: Steffani began dance classes at age 6 and was in a Bhangra competitive dance group!
Jessica Shaffalo, VP of Operations
Jessica is a seasoned account manager and writer with a passion for helping brands craft words that attract, engage and convert prospects. With professional experience rooted in marketing, journalism and project management, she can handle just about any writing style for both print and web. She lives in the Brooklyn area of Cleveland with her husband. Fun Fact: She enjoys reading, gardening, board game nights, and an ongoing search for the city's best cheesecake.
Marcia Hudgel, Executive Assistant
Marcia has been writing stories and poems since she was very young, and has honed the ability to write in a variety of styles, which she has done for a number of websites over the past few years. When not writing, she enjoys practicing and teaching yoga, mindfulness and meditation, especially to women in addiction recovery.
Caeilen Lozano, Marketing Associate/HR Assistant
Caeilen is a social media content creative as well as an administrative assistant. Since graduating with an Associates in Business, she has worked with fashion retailers, online based companies, local businesses and non-profit organizations. She loves to help create innovative strategies, engaging content with consumers and daily posts. She was born and raised in Cleveland, OH and currently resides in Sunbury, OH. Fun Fact: She loves food blogs, fashion and writes and plays music.
Kristine McAfee, Director of Strategic Accounts
Kristine has over 15 years of experience in sales and marketing, business analysis and forecasting, product branding and life cycle, business development, and project management. She is a forward-thinking leader with the ability and skill set to continually improve business performance.
Fun fact: Kristine’s favorite activities include cooking, camping, kayaking, geocaching, winetasting, entertaining, and game nights!
Kayla Starta, Marketing/PR Strategist
Kayla Starta is a marketing and PR expert who has previously headed strategic public relations and marketing campaigns for Fortune 100 companies, global brands, and public figures. She is a passionate marketer who prides herself in fostering personal relationships with her clients and delivering exceptional results at each and every step of their campaign. Fun facts: She loves musicals, animals and is a food and wine fanatic.
Thom Leiter, Senior Web Developer
Thom earned his business and marketing degree from Franklin University in 2004 and his MBA
in 2011. He is the founder of a media company, and co-founder of a video production and web design company in Delaware, Ohio. Thom’s sleepless pursuit to help clients
realize their brand’s potential inspires him to always dream big! Fun fact: Thom is a Starbucks addict, and a Dean Martin fan!
Kathy Noble, Financial Administrator/HR
Kathy has been an administrative assistant and financial administrator for over 25 years, working with Jennasis since inception. Married for almost 48 years, Kathy’s passion is spending her time with her family, especially on the beach— her grandkids keep her young! She’s an avid sports fan for the Browns, Cavs, and Indians. Kathy enjoys daily walks with her husband and would love the opportunity to travel more. She was featured in Pure Design Teen Magazine, for Ageless Beauty!
Rizpah Waytes, Project Manager
Rizpah is a marketing and analytics expert from Baldwin Wallace University. She has experience running successful social media campaigns as well as a love for google analytics and social media metrics. Fun Fact: She has two loves in life; her 12-year-old pup, Ziggy, and traveling. She has been to 46 of the 50 states and 4 countries. While exploring new cities, Rizpah also enjoys finding new coffee shops to fuel her coffee addiction.
Ariella Yager, SEO, PPC, Analytics
Ariella Yager is a serial entrepreneur with expertise in startup development and digital marketing. Ariella has a bachelor's degree in Entrepreneurship from KSU and has spent her professional career helping businesses grow using local SEO, paid marketing campaigns, website development and innovative business strategies. Fun Fact: Ariella's favorite hobby is cooking and baking, she loves to go kayaking on the weekends and spends her extra time playing with her australian shepherd, Krypto.
Tonya Lutz, Fractional CMO
Tonya is passionate about helping companies grow their business with brand loyalty & brings a wealth of experience in strategic marketing and brand development of international brands of all sizes. She has led marketing teams for top consumer brands in the fine art & writing categories & is a professional big picture marketer bringing two decades of sales & marketing experience to the table. Tonya loves sunset beach walks but finds it impossible to leave the shells on the on the shore.
Joelle Krumheuer, Project Manager
Joelle is a business professional with experience ranging from banking to healthcare. She graduated from Baldwin Wallace University with a degree in Public Relations and a growing passion for marketing. Fun Facts: She enjoys spending time with her daughter and husband, archery, crafts, cooking and will take any chance to be in nature.
Megan Augustine, Marketing Associate
Megan is an outgoing, creative, craft beer and wine lover that stems from the Cleveland, Ohio area, but relocated to Charlotte, NC in 2018. After graduating from Baldwin-Wallace University, she quickly fell in love with marketing. With over 6 years of marketing in the technology field, her passion to learn and grow makes her a great fit for the Jennasis team.
Fun Fact: She likes to travel and workout, as well as spend time with her daughters and attend wine tastings.
Tom Gamertsfelder, Graphic Designer
Tom is an award-winning creative with over 30 years of industry experience in branding, corporate identity and visual communications. He is responsible for creating distinct brand design solutions for companies of all sizes and industries, from startups to start-overs. Local, national and global. His immediate future goals are becoming a better human, father, husband and creative. Fun fact: Tom can always be found scouring flea markets for unique treasurers and furniture restoration projects.
Melanie Bridgens, Web/Graphic Designer
Melanie Bridgens is a graphic and web designer with over 20 years of experience in print, web, motion graphics, and illustration. She specializes in branding, graphic, and web design. She enjoys the creative process and thrives in working with customers to create design that reflects the client's true vision for their brand. Fun fact: When Melanie isn’t working you might find her illustrating children's books!
Camden Chernisky, Commerical Media Editor
Camden is the Podcast Editor for Jennasis Speaks: The Transformative Power of Women's Stories. Camden has been going to school for a degree in Music and is using his knowledge of writing music on one platform and transferring those skills to another platform for podcast creation. In his work with Jennasis, he strives to support the team while expanding his horizons. Fun facts: He is the youngest member of the team, writes music in his spare time & enjoys traveling.
Jason Fisher, SEO Forensic Analyst
Jason is an organic search marketing veteran with 10+ years of experience. He is an Evans Scholar award recipient and co-inventor on mobility business method patents. He has been responsible for the development & implementation of SEO Strategy for 300+ client projects. He has experience with auditing, developing & implementing SEO Strategy for clients from local SMB’s, E-Commerce to Newspapers & Enterprise sites. Fun Fact: He’s an identical twin, an avid fly fisherman and a winter trail runner.
Vickie Police, Project Manager
Vickie is an NYC native who has spent over 25 years in Business and Finance; the bulk of those years in sales, marketing and real estate. She has her BS in Business from St. John's University and loves using her experience to help businesses thrive. Vickie lives in Putnam, NY with her husband and 3 children.
Fun facts: Vickie is an avid volleyball player who plays year round, indoors and out! She has been playing for 29 years. She also enjoys singing, musical theatre and writing poetry.
Tom Abate, Creative Strategist
Tom is a marketing and design professional with extensive experience servicing companies in the Cleveland area. Tom has evolved into a professional that can pull together the marketing efforts of a company into a cohesive, modern package that works with today’s communication. Fun facts: He is the guitarist/vocalist for the band [thirty | three] that released its first full length record called “Psychosomatic” in 2019. Tom bowls competitively and was also part of a men’s softball team.
Courtney Schmechel, Virtual Admin
Courtney is a professional photographer who graduated from Columbia College Chicago with her bachelor's degree in photography and a minor in art & design. Along with her passion for photography, she loves to stay current with today's social media marketing trends. Courtney also has a strong background in business relations and prides herself on customer satisfaction. Fun fact: Courtney loves to shop for vintage and antique treasures to decorate her home!
Ben Barnhart, Editor
Ben is a freelance editor & writer who is also a pastor at his church, Vineyard Cleveland. For over 10 years, he has been helping others refine their own unique voices through artful editing. His new book, Gideon's Cry, is a memoir of growing into manhood and finding his own faith. He and his wife, Liz, have a son named Ezra and they live just outside his hometown of Cleveland. Fun fact: Ben first met Jennifer Malcolm, President of Jennasis, when she was his 7th grade science teacher!
Jake Lozano, Videographer
Jake is a video producer from northern Columbus. He has a passion for creating high quality video productions. He is detail-oriented and has the ability to coach clients in the development and structure of their videos, helping them capture exactly what they want. Jake has developed and produced a wide variety of videos including short commercials, video promos, and lengthy documentaries.
Fun fact: Jake is a talented drummer who also attended culinary school!
Tyneshia Dise, Marketing Associate
Tyneshia has a background in sales that evolved into a passion for digital marketing. At Jennasis, she is a Marketing Associate experienced in website development using WordPress and Shopify, social media management, and copywriting. She believes that solid communication is vital to ensure a project’s success. Tyneshia is continuing to pursue her degree at Franklin University in Marketing.
Jennifer Hartman, Events Coordinator
As a special events producer, Jennifer Hartman has a Bachelor of Arts degree and years of experience in the television and entertainment industry. She has incorporated her television production skills into her event planning, allowing her to become Northeast Ohio’s premier special event coordinator. Her expertise lies in coordinating many events ranging from golf outings to soirees to corporate events.
Becky Workman, Photographer
Becky grew up in a family of photographers and found her own career in photography a natural next step. She has been a professional photographer for more than 21 years, and loves that her career allows her artistic expression along with the opportunity to travel and meet so many interesting people. She specializes in business, family, weddings, high school senior portrait, and sports league photography. Fun fact: Becky juggles and scuba dives!
Drez Jennings, Content Writer/Editor
Drez Jennings has pursued her passion for writing and editing as a journalist covering crime and politics, and as a media relations and marketing communications pro supporting large financial services, healthcare, and legal businesses.

Drez lives with her husband Mark Wainwright in a 100-year-old Arts and Crafts home in eastern Lake County. Fun fact: all of Drez’ pets are named for musicians. Now on stage – black Lab Joe Walsh, and cats Jerry Garcia and James Brown.
Sarah Siegand, Graphic Designer
Sarah has built her design and marketing skills over a 20+ year career spanning several industries, including healthcare, finance, entertainment and non-profit. Her eye for clean and strategic design is matched by her keen understanding of communication strategies, "hooks," and storytelling capabilities. Fun Facts: Sarah is also an author, professional speaker and online safety guru. She is a mom of two boys and has lived in many places across the U.S. but calls Nashville, TN "home."
Deborah Neilly, Marketing Strategist
Deborah’s spot-on branding & marketing skills stem from a thirty-plus year span of serving clients in industries as diverse as biochemical manufacturing to urban development and everything in-between. She drills down into each client’s unique organization to understand what makes them stand out and then sells it in words and imagery. Deborah specializes in video production and brand campaigns, winning national recognition. She is an interior design fanatic, along with becoming a genealogy nut.
Susan Patten, Copy Editor
Susan is a self-proclaimed grammar geek with a passion for editing and writing. Backed by an English degree and certificates in editing and proofreading, Susan’s expertise is crafting, polishing, and perfecting content to be effective, engaging, and on-brand. As a lifelong learner, Susan engages in continuing education and professional development through memberships in the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA) and American Copy Editors Society (ACES).
Jennifer Mayes Kloepfer, Graphic Designer
Jennifer Mayes Kloepfer (JMK) is an experienced Graphic Designer who is passionate about art, design, and everything that falls in between. Jennifer is responsive, understands deadlines and is skilled in interpreting and translating clients' ideas into a professional design. She has a Bachelor of Fine Art from Cleveland Institute of Art and 10+ years of design experience. Fun Fact: She loves to draw, yerba mate tea and makes elaborate birthday cakes!
Nellie Calanni, Marketing Writer
Nellie is a seasoned content creator, writer & social media marketing professional. With a Master's degree in Mass Communication & Journalism, she is proud to have been able to take her experience in agency marketing back to the classroom to teach at her alma mater, Baldwin Wallace University.

Fun Fact: Nellie is a proud dual-citizen of the United States & Italy, she considers the 2016 Cavs championship to be one of the best days of her life & spends her free time learning different languages.
Sarah Chahy, Web Administrator
With degrees in Women’s Studies and Nonprofit Management, Sarah’s life path has been anything but direct. Her wide-ranging interests have led her to numerous positions resulting in a varied skill set including technical software training, business analysis, IT project management and, most recently, website building and content management.
Fun Facts: Travel is Sarah’s lifeblood and she lives by the motto, ‘Always be planning your next adventure.’
Crystal Johnson, Copy Editor
Crystal started her professional career as a high school Language Arts teacher over a decade ago, and has since transitioned to serving as a college administrator and faculty member working in teacher preparation. She lives in the suburbs of Cleveland with her husband, 2 daughters, & 2 dogs and is using her "spare" time to pursue her doctorate in Education.

Crystal enjoys reading, baking, & painting when I need to relax. True crime is a passion of hers and she follows way too many podcasts.
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