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Marketing Strategy

Your Dedicated Marketing Strategy Agency

Marketing Strategy & Fractional CMO 

Where do you see your business 6 months or one year from now? What about 10 years from now? A strategic marketing plan will position your business for long-term success and growth.


One of the biggest mistakes we see organizations make is diving head first into the deep end of marketing and trying to implement marketing tactics — with zero strategy or research. Whether you’re sporadically posting on social media or sending an email, or you have a dated marketing strategy in place that needs a fresh set of eyes, Jennasis and Associates has a suite of options to implement a digital marketing strategy that fits the needs of your organization. 


We are hyper-focused on strategic growth as it relates to your ultimate marketing goals — whether those goals fall into the category of brand awareness, increased web traffic, or an increase of qualified sales leads. 


We start by identifying your unique buyer personas — who is your target audience and what are their pain points? We then identify and/or redefine your messaging and from there, map out marketing tactics that align with your business goals into a long-term marketing plan. 

Our Marketing Strategy Services


A service unique to Jennasis and Associates, fractional CMO support is designed uniquely for small to medium sized businesses who need help scaling up marketing resources and budget with limited or no marketing staff.  


This custom service ensures we can provide innovative solutions, whether a business needs Jennasis and Associates to supplement their marketing department or be their marketing department, our goal is to create and execute a comprehensive, adaptive strategy to meet evolving client demands in a CMO capacity.

With Jennasis' fractional CMO service, clients have access to a full-suite of diverse marketing experts - from graphic design, writing, to high-level strategy and account management. And they are able to leverage these resources without incurring the costs of a full-time marketing staff that would otherwise put such resources out of reach.

Marketing Strategy Agency - Jennasis and Associates - Cleveland Ohio
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