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Attractive and engaging visual presentation of your business and its products or services puts your best foot forward with potential customers. The design of your logo, brochures, ads and more not only play a critical role in communicating who you are and what you do, but the perceived value of your brand.


That’s why full-service digital marketing firm Jennasis & Associates employs expert designers who can engage with your business objectives to produce graphic design work that is not only creative and eye-catching, but strategic to support your marketing goals.

Creative Design Expertise

  • Advertising - From magazine ads to online PPC ads, we ensure your creative advertising speaks to consumers across traditional and digital platforms.

  • Branding & Logos - Whether you simply need a brand refresh or a complete overhaul, we can design a first impression for your business that visually wows.

  • Content Collateral - Ensure your content collateral such as sales brochures, case studies and white papers beautifully convey your brand's message to consumers.

  • Infographics - A picture is worth a thousand words, particularly in marketing, which is why our designers can translate ideas and data more simply through effective visuals.

  • Motion Graphic Videos - Not every business has the budget for robust video production, making motion graphic videos an attractive and affordable solution.

  • Presentations - We can help you back up your expertise with a polished and professional presentation that bolsters your visual brand.

  • Web Graphics - Web graphic elements are just as important to user experience as content, making creative strategy a critical component of your website design.

Creative Graphic Design Agency - Jennasis and Associates - Cleveland Ohio
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