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  • Monthly priorities made as needed to align with sales goals

  • Continue discussing cold calls vs. targeted ads (Facebook – geo-targeted) and / or combination of both

  • Make recommendations for utilization and engagement of sales teams

  • Content development for 3-4 case studies that would include what was situation, what did your company do to solve the problem, description of the customer and testimonial. A Jennasis graphic designer can be utilized if needed

  • Create template for consistent branding delivery for your company and Case Studies for future reference

  • Conduct audit of social media sites and make recommendations on enhancements

  • Obtain current blogs and edit/enhance for more engagement as well as ability to be indexed by Google

  • Competitive analysis of 2 other top (local) competitors

  • Identify 3 core values and outline your unique selling proposition (3 “uniques” that tell your story)

  • Defining your target market/audience and describe personas

  • Create editorial calendar for balancing content style, frequency and purpose of content and delivery (for both social media and email marketing)

  • Create simple infographics that show the benefits of working with your company and differences between the Free system vs. Paid System

  • Craft content to focus on client and THEIR problems vs. from your viewpoint

  • Outline the analytical portion for your company to see ROI on ad spend and Jennasis spend

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