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"How do I engage more customers?"

"How do I keep my brand competitive?"

"How do I expand my brand to emerging markets?"

How can I attract top talent?

If you’re asking these questions… Jennasis & Associates can help you find answers!


Branding encompasses more than a catchy logo. Our Branding Strategy & Development services can help you ensure the core identity and messaging behind your organization is fresh, cohesive and competitive in today’s fast-paced market.

Your Dedicated Branding Agency

Make your brand human.

A compelling brand story requires attention to and cultivation of your brand’s authenticity and emotional connection to consumers. How does your brand make people feel? How does that influence their buyer behavior? We’ll help you hone your brand’s story—and spread the word for maximum impact.

Make your brand unique.

What sets your brand apart—not just in your eyes, but according to your consumers? Insightful brand positioning develops your irreplaceable contribution to consumers by creating powerful answers to questions like:


      •  Who is your target consumer?

      •  Why should consumers choose your brand over competitors?

      •  What does your brand uniquely offer that others do not?

Make your brand work.

A robust business plan is crucial to the success of any organization, yet many businesses fall short by overlooking marketing. Whether your marketing strategy needs a brand refresh or is lacking altogether, our experts can provide a thorough, collaborative assessment of your current operations to develop a comprehensive strategy and implementation plan that supports your company objectives.

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