May 22, 2017

Social Media is the wild west of the 21st century. Not for the faint of heart, those hoping to reap its lucrative rewards must be ready to evolve, experiment and explore every corner of the landscape.

Experience has taught us that social media trends are always changing...

March 20, 2017

My mouse hovered over the button for a moment.

Then, I clicked – SEND!

Within minutes I heard muffled giggles and hushed voices from behind the cubicle walls around me.

Oh no, I thought as I quickly re-opened the email I’d just sent to my co-workers detailing the plans fo...

September 24, 2016

I once received a free pin that proclaimed “Happy Day After Christmas!”

Its purpose was promotional; some band I liked was releasing a new album that day if I recall. Though this happened a long time ago, the statement on that pin stuck with me over the years because of...

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