Social Media Advertising 101: Where and How to Start

At its core, advertising is simple: find where your customers are hanging out, and use tailored messaging to reach them there. If your customers are men who watch sports, advertise on ESPN. If your customers are truck drivers, advertise on billboards along the highways that most travel on. The same general principle applies to social media advertising. With an estimated 3.8 billion people using social media (and a total of 4.5 billion internet users) worldwide, social media is one of the biggest messaging platforms in the world to reach your audience and generate new customers. The average person spends 135 minutes per day on social media networks. Yet paid social media advertising is also v

Understanding Shifting Social Media Trends in the Age of COVID-19

The first half of 2020 was a tumultuous start for most everyone across the world. In the professional sphere, digital marketers have dealt with unprecedented shifts in content, processes and approaches. With the international news cycle suddenly dominated by information about the COVID-19 pandemic, social media networks were overrun with stories of lockdown, protest, sickness, political divide and tales from front-line workers. Not surprisingly, many marketers struggled to find an appropriate, visible platform for their messaging among the chaos. As the weeks have continued on, audiences have begun to return to their typical content consumption patterns. As we head into the second half of 20

4 Areas to Examine When Reevaluating Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing is more than a flashy logo and some Facebook posts. Effective marketing, whether you’re B2B or B2C, requires a comprehensive strategy, implementation plan and resources—in that order. A marketing strategy is the overarching scheme developed to achieve a long-term competitive advantage for your business. It is created with consideration of both the pain and pleasure points of your consumer base, and how your products and/or services can address these. It guides your go-to-market messaging efforts. A marketing implementation plan details the tactics—such as communication tools, campaigns and activities—that will deliver your brand’s messaging to raise audience awareness, spark desire


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