How to Be Productive When Working From Home

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing where and how we work. In about half the countries worldwide, organizations are examining policies and changing workflow so people can work from home. Transitioning to work-from-home can take time and effort. Workers need to set up a space, gather physical and digital tools and create a personal workflow. We at Jennasis & Associates know about the best practices of working from home because for our business working from home has always been the norm! Jennasis has always been a fully virtual firm. So, during the pandemic, we are operating business as usual. Your company may also find that working from home has benefits. According to FlexJobs’ 2018 annual surv

Fractional CMO Roles and Responsibilities

The world of digital marketing is constantly changing, and it takes a savvy marketer to stay on top of industry changes, strategic successes, and constantly evolving social and search engine algorithms. Many small businesses struggle to keep up without a marketing department to track the latest trends of online sales, lead acquisition, advertisement and search engine optimization. What Is a Fractional CMO? A “Fractional CMO” is a for-hire Chief Marketing Officer that brings marketing management to small businesses so they don’t need to hire an in-house dedicated industry expert. You can find a Fractional CMO by working with an executive staffing agency, or you can team up with a marketing ag


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