Buyer Personas - Why We Need Them & How to Create Them

You may think that your brand is at the heart of your company, but at the core of everything you do you’ll find your customers. Their needs and values should drive all marketing decisions, as they are the life force that keeps your business afloat. However, many companies lack an intimate understanding of customer needs, thus necessitating the use of buyer personas. Whether you work with a small business or a large corporation, there is great value in using personas to spearhead marketing initiatives. But what are marketing or buyer personas, and what exactly are they used for? As intimidating as personas may seem at first, their benefits are endless, and creating one is surprisingly easy. W

How Online Reviews Can Impact Your Brand’s Digital Footprint

When you are looking to buy a new product or service, how do you decide which one is the best choice for you? If you are like most people, you search online to identify your options and then narrow those options down based on the reviews left by other customers. In recent years, the importance of online reviews has continued to grow, and it is imperative that businesses take the impact of customer reviews (or lack thereof) into consideration when assessing their overall marketing strategy. Having a variety of positive, quality reviews not only bolsters the legitimacy of your product or service, but it can also boost your organic search rankings and provide your business with firsthand testim


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