Creating a Strong Brand & Reputation—And Why It’s Important

The world is moving faster and faster, and access to news and information changes at an astounding rate. If you want to be recognized, remembered and successful, you need to build a strong brand and reputation not only to get in, but to stay in the game. These days, your offline reputation is important, but your presence online, whether personally or for your business, is just as, if not more, important. A recent Forbes article shows how members of the current generation, in fact, see themselves as a personal brand. Not only that, but employers have put an emphasis in hiring patterns on a prospective employee’s online presence as well. The article states that over half the employers surveyed

Growing Jennasis: Meet Our New Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

As a virtual company experiencing massive growth, Jennasis & Associates is putting systems, processes and people in place to keep up with the pace of incoming business. A significant step in that direction earlier this year was introducing Kelly Waite as our new Chief Strategy Officer and right hand woman to company founder and president, Jennifer Malcolm. This dynamic duo started working together in 2014, with Kelly contributing to Jennasis on the side while working another full-time job. Eventually, Kelly quit her office job to work full time for Jennasis in 2016 and to embrace remote work for a company she truly believed in. Since then, Kelly has been an integral part of the Jennasis tea

Strategies for getting SH*T done

In a world of constant multitasking, finding ways to be more productive and get things done is crucial. Many people are in search of the easy way out, trying to get rich quick or become “insta-famous,” but really it comes back to doing the basics. When you are in school, you can’t just go straight to Calculus without taking Algebra and Geometry first. They build on each other, and you wouldn’t understand Calculus without the prerequisites. Also, learning math takes lots of practice, including homework that helps you practice to prepare for tests. Becoming more productive works the same way. You just need to practice better habits, and over time you will become a productivity superstar! 1. Ma


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