7 Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog (And Keep It Coming!)

In case you hadn’t realized, the internet is a very big place. Brace yourself for a swarm of incoming statistics: As of March 2017, 3.74 billion people were accessing the information superhighway. In a 24-hour period, it’s estimated that those internet users spend 4.7 billion minutes on Facebook, send 294 billion emails, watch 22 million hours of Netflix, and publish 2 million blog posts. It would take 168 million DVDs to contain the information consumed by internet users on a DAILY basis (Digital Buzz Blog)! So... if traffic to your blog site has been looking a little light, don’t despair – there’s a ton of online distractions stealing the attention of site visitors. But with literally half

The Fear of the Rebrand: 4 Steps to Overcome it and Rebrand Right

Just one of the different Shell logos over the years. Imagine: You’re driving down an empty stretch of road, low on gas, scouting the horizon for a gas station. You’re just starting to get nervous when suddenly, in the distance through the trees, you see it – a bright, golden yellow and fire-truck red sign. You feel an instant sense of relief, recognizing the famous logo for Shell. You know you can take the exit and refuel your car. What you’ve probably never noticed is that Shell’s iconic logo has changed many times over the years. Through these changes, the brand has remained immediately recognizable, a prime example of a successful rebranding of a company. Yet, for many organizations and


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