7 Ways to Create Captivating Content for Your Social Media Accounts

It’s hard to be a person living in 2018 and not know what social media is but understanding and mastering social media is another story. Social media is kind of like parenting, just when you think you’ve figured it out, they change the rules of engagement (Katherine Keller). There is nothing worse than a 3-year-old testing their limits. Of course, my oldest is 4 so I don’t have much experience past that age, but when I had my first born, I was terrified of the “terrible twos”. I got through two, and thought, “Wow this isn’t as bad as I thought!” But then three came. It’s the terrible THREES you must watch out for. Social media can be like that challenging 3-year-old, because there are so

Email: Your Long Lost Marketing Friend

Compared to today’s rapidly changing landscape, the first 20 years of email marketing that began in the mid-90s moved at a glacial pace, can be neatly summed up in this haiku: Emails, just desktop First text, then images came Next, phone—same order You’re probably more familiar with the hallmark brands that were the most visible drivers of the innovation. Plain text AOL emails gave way to Hotmail’s that contained images (HTML), which allowed marketers to showcase products and lifestyle. Those images moved from the desktop to your pocket, first with plain text and Blackberry, then images and text with the iPhone. And, phew, here we are today! In the last few years, email marketing strategies


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