How to connect SEO and Content Marketing for better results

A shift has taken place in the marketing world. Blog headlines used to battle it out, taking sides over whether SEO or content marketing campaigns produced better results – and which, therefore, was more deserving of your budget. However lately, more and more marketers are using the terms synonymously. Why? As Google has continued to refine its search algorithms in recent years, SEO and content marketing strategies have been held more and more accountable to achieve the same end goal: higher-quality, highly-relevant search results. Before, companies could use a variety of “black hat” SEO tactics like keyword stuffing, link buying or publishing quick, low-quality content to achieve high searc

11 Tips to Run a Successful Social Media Contest

Does your business need a boost? Do you have a new product you want to promote? Has your marketing content gone stale? A social media contest may be the best strategy you haven’t tried yet! Running a successful social media contest involves planning and precision, but the results can offer greater visibility, brand awareness, and customers for your business. To launch your own social media contest, use these 11 tips to set your contest up for success. 1. Know your goals. Before you set up the rest of your social media contest, decide what you want to achieve. Do you want more customers? Are you aiming for a certain number of newsletter sign-ups? Would you like more followers on your Facebo

Working as a Whole

I usually hear people talk about authenticity in business in terms of being real or genuine in corporate dealings and personal interactions. I certainly don't want to dispute or diminish the importance of being real, but I also don't feel the need to contribute another entry into the already massive body of work on this subject. Instead of being real, I invite you to consider authenticity as being whole. So what does it mean to be whole? It means all the parts of something are connected and working together towards a governing purpose. It's where we get the word “wholesome”, a synonym for healthy. Healthy things have parts that work as a whole, in concert rather than conflict. In fact, the m


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