That’s NOT What This Is About

Have you ever been to an amazing experience or adventure and truly wondered what’s behind the magic curtain? When is the last time that you had an experience that exceeded your expectations? Well, over the past year, I experienced this twice by being myself and JUST SHOWING UP to Craig Lucas’s Authenica events. I personally have had transformational experiences on these trips…but that’s NOT what this is about. Here is a little peek behind the curtain in my life--not something I publicly talk about often. I went through a very painful divorce over 7 years ago as well as faced a couple of gut-wrenching issues over the past two years including a very close friend committing suicide. I didn’

3 Social Media Trends on the Rise

Social Media is the wild west of the 21st century. Not for the faint of heart, those hoping to reap its lucrative rewards must be ready to evolve, experiment and explore every corner of the landscape. Experience has taught us that social media trends are always changing, and this year is no exception. If you want your brand to thrive as a social media tycoon, here’s how to do it: 1. Live Videos What used to drive the popularity of shows like “America’s Funniest Videos” is taking off as the latest addiction of social media users - the ability to capture the real, raw and humorous moments of life through live video streams. Statistics show that 43% of businesses are already planning to invest

The Power of Brand Ambassadors & Gifts to Increase Awareness and Revenue

The power of Flo of Progressive, the Geico Gecko and actors who take on a spokesperson role bring power to a brand. The advantage of customers falling in love with or being entertained by the character (AFLAC Duck, the Pillsbury Dough Boy or Hello Kitty) is brand equity. The key to a strong mascot, spokesperson or brand ambassador is that fans of your brand must be able to engage, be entertained and be open to being educated about your product. If your business does not have a mascot, spokesperson or brand ambassador: Consider a mascot, select a spokesperson (maybe a current client or customer) and select a group of brand ambassadors (maybe a group of moms who buy your product if you sell c

10 Quick Tips to Optimize your Presence on Facebook

Of all the social media marketing platforms available today, Facebook is the reigning juggernaut. With an estimated 1.23 billion daily users, Facebook has an enormous potential customer base for businesses of all shapes and sizes. But it leaves the question, with so many potential customers— and, potential competitors— how can you and your company make your presence known? Here are 10 quick tips that are easy to implement, and will help you optimize your presence on Facebook: 1. Use a profile image (and cover photo) that best represents your brand. First impressions matter. Using an image for your profile picture that accurately represents your brand— and a cover photo that enhances it— o


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