7 Reasons Your Business Needs a Virtual Assistant

Is the juggling act just not working anymore? Are the sales calls getting pushed aside? Are the supplies running low? Is your weekly bookkeeping getting messy and disorganized? Business owners and entrepreneurs are drowning in daily tasks that are keeping them from the growth they desire. The solution to the I’m-juggling-more-than-I-can-handle problem is hiring a Virtual Assistant. A Virtual Assistant (VA) is an independent contractor who works remotely (usually from their home) to do administrative, creative and technical tasks. Virtual Assistants are revolutionizing businesses around the world. Not sure you can afford to pay someone full time with benefits? Hire a Virtual Assistant. Not su

How to Get Noticed by Each Generation on Social Media

After a fun day out with family and friends, I came home, put my exhausted kids to bed and spent the rest of the evening checking my social media pages for likes and comments. We had posted pictures throughout the day and every time those little notification boxes popped up on my phone, I found myself opening Facebook and Instagram and scrolling through my feeds. Social media is an incredibly consuming part of our society. In a recent global survey, of all the adults online, 79% of them are on Facebook, 32% are on Instagram and 24% are on Twitter. Knowing the trends of each generation is vital to any good marketing strategy, and social media is a huge component for all generations. As techno

How a Virtual Assistant Will Make Your Life Easier: STOP Sabotaging Your Small Business Growth

It’s 3:08pm on Wednesday afternoon. You’re 9 phone calls, 36 emails, and 3 coffees into the day — but there’s no end in sight. First there was an 8:00am meeting, where you gave an energetic (if rushed) presentation on policy changes for employees. It was basically well-received, but you forgot to add that final slide to the PowerPoint presentation. Mental note to add that missing slide with the webpage info! Then it was a quick 5 minutes scrolling through emails on your phone on the way to your office. No time to respond right now— just need an idea if there’s anything urgent… Okay, answer those three emails first. After reviewing the sales numbers for the last week — interrupted twice wit

Brand Stories That Got It Right

On January 25, 2017, Jennasis founder and president, Jennifer Chernisky, shared at a Women to Women speaking event hosted by Kathy Romito at Western Reserve Hospital. She spoke about the importance of brands telling stories. So now we know that not only does storytelling create a solid foundation for a successful marketing strategy, but we’ve also learned our story must be unique, authentic, consistent, current, relevant and must have a sequel. There are a lot of brands out there that are doing everything right, and we can learn from their example. Examples of brand stories that got it right: Toms Shoes: One for One Brand Story: According to the Toms’ website, which includes The Toms Story,


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