Issues Are a Good Thing

Does your company have issues? If you answered “no,” you are kidding yourself and may need to hang up your entrepreneurial hat. Issues exist in every business. Perhaps the more challenging and important question is, “What are you doing about your business issues?” Facing and solving challenging issues is perhaps the largest contributor to a company’s ability to succeed and thrive. As an entrepreneur and business owner, I struggled the first few years after founding Envalo to get the business functioning at peak efficiency. After reading numerous books and meeting with coaches and mentors, I discovered the book Traction, by Gino Wickman. Traction explains the Entrepreneurial Operating System,

Generational Marketing: The People

From door-to-door sales to social media content, from buying off the rack to Amazon Prime; the way people from different demographics respond to marketing strategies and spend their money varies from generation to generation. One of the greatest marketing challenges for any business or brand is knowing how to effectively reach and appeal to your target audience. There is a wide demographic range consuming content these days, and it can be hard to differentiate your marketing strategy from one group to the next. Each generation has a different set of values, interests, behaviors and experiences. Knowing the trends of each generation, how they spend their money, what marketing strategies engag

All the best brands tell a story...

On January 25, 2017, Jennasis founder and president, Jennifer Chernisky, shared at a Women to Women speaking event hosted by Kathy Romito at Western Reserve Hospital. She spoke about the importance of brands telling stories. Since the beginning of time, people have communicated by way of stories. A good story captures our attention and we often learn from the lessons hidden within the anecdotes. Effective storytelling is a shared skill among the greatest leaders, speakers and entrepreneurs. Great story-tellers find creative and authentic ways to masterfully articulate their story. Brands that have a good story get noticed. Let’s be honest, if you don’t have a good story, you are just anoth


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