Shaking Things Up in 2017

Here we are nearly at the end of January – one month into a new year. What’s different in your life? What’s different in your relationships? What’s different in your business or career? What’s different in your results? If you’re like most people, the answer is not much. You may have started out the year with resolutions and goals, but they quickly succumbed to old habits, routine and the busyness of life. Let’s be honest – it’s easy (in fact always easier) to do things the way you’ve always done them. It’s easy to do things the way you’re supposed to. It’s easy to stay on the path you chose long ago because it’s familiar and comfortable. It’s easy to think the way you’ve always thought. It’

Feed Your Audience: How to Give Them What They Crave

Imagine you are a world-renowned chef in a 5-star restaurant: the kind that would make Gordon Ramsay proud. You are especially famous for your filet mignon, a decadent dish – perfectly cooked, medium rare, juicy, pink and tender. You are preparing your dish for a group of highly influential food critics. Your servers place their filets in front of them, and you wait on pins and needles for their reactions. You see the food critics speaking with the server and you can tell something is wrong. The server reports back to you and informs you that every. single. critic. is. a. VEGETARIAN. This issue could have easily been avoided if you had known your audience. As a world class chef, you could ha

Jennasis Victory

New Years is a time of making resolutions, redefining our futures and dreaming of things to come. It is also a time to reflect on the previous year – to celebrate our victories and learn from our defeats. The Jennasis Women of Excellence event held on November 12, 2016 was a victory, indeed! Our second annual WE Speak Showcase was an Empowerment Series promoted to “Ignite and Inspire Passion into Action.” Women gathered from all over to learn and grow together. The event featured some of last year’s best speakers and introduced several new inspirational speakers as well. The day started off in a whirlwind as Monica Green launched the day speaking on “Finding Purpose is Finding Peace”. The d

Fattening Up Your Professional Waistline

You may still be finishing up the last of the three trays of Russian teacakes, or your holiday hangover could already be in full tilt. In any case, say ‘So long!’ to 2016 and ‘Howdy partner!’ to the early, promising days of 2017. To kick off your year on the right foot, here are a few things to spruce up your professional self. Take LinkedIn for a Drive Throughout the holidays, there’s hardly a shortfall of greeting cards or goodies – card after card and cookie after cookie sort of blend into one another (except buttercream frosted sugar cookies, which never get old). You’re keeping up with the holiday hustle, just hoping to make it to year’s end. And, by some miracle, you did it! Let’s not


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