Focus on Today

Often times in life and in our business careers, we become so focused on our dreams and where we hope to be, that we forget the importance of today. Today is where our future begins. In order to accomplish and fulfill the dreams we hope for in the future, we must focus on today. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself, “What can I do today to move me one step closer to my dream?” Dreams are accomplished one step at a time and often one day at a time. If you are anything like me, my dreams often overwhelm me. When I think of things I hope to accomplish with my business years from now, they are pretty grandiose desires. It’s easy to become overwhelmed and think that I can never accomplish th

Overcoming Comparison

One major hurdle we must overcome in our business world is comparison. As we discussed building your brand last week, it’s very important to know who you are and what you are about, so that your business stands out in the world. It’s also important so you can overcome comparing your company to the thousands of others out there. When you look at another business and compare yours to it, you often find things you wish you were doing, products you had to offer, or people you had on your staff. You compare slogans, logos or their success which can cause you to overlook the good things you are already doing. Comparison is a tricky thing. While it’s good to study your competition, and know your

Creating Your Brand

In order for your company or business to be recognizable in the world, you must have a brand. The things that make your business identifiable to others such as your business name, logo, taglines, symbols and several other key things that identify your business from all the others within your market. Branding is a very big part of marketing today. Companies spend thousands of dollars trying to create unique logos, catchy slogans and things that truly get their message across to clients and potential clients they are looking to do business with. Your brand is important and should be thought out carefully. As we stated last week, you need to stand out in the ocean of businesses across the globe

Do you Stand Out?

What makes you and your business stand out? What makes you different than everybody else? There are thousands of businesses around the globe and many companies or others who offer similar services or products just like yours… But what makes you different than all the rest? Why would anyone choose to do business with you and your company over all the rest? These are difficult questions to ask yourself or to ask of your business, but if you don’t know the why’s to what you are doing – if you don’t know what Unique Selling Point you have to offer, you can’t expect that your clients will either. The key to selling your business and your product effectively is having a Unique Selling Point referr


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