Everyone wants to be happy. How often do we begin each day hoping that sadness and problems are on the day’s agenda? We read books, listen to talks and seek other resources looking for the key to happiness...but sometimes the biggest lessons in life come from the most unlikely of places. Working with homeless women and children has brought me many experiences and life lessons. I just never believed a lesson in how to be happy would be included. When I began working at ACCESS Homeless shelter I believed that I would be the one doing the teaching but often the roles are reversed. Some days I serve the shelter, other days the shelter serves me. I see the trials homeless women endure on a day to

The Power of Our Words

Often we do not realize the impact we have on someone else when we are speaking to them. Many times we say things in haste spewing out the first thing that comes to mind, without thinking about the other person. The phrase “open mouth insert foot” comes from this very thing of speaking without thinking first. But what we say to others absolutely has the power to build them up or tear them down. Think back to when you were a child. Words helped form your belief system and either empowered you to believe you could fly like superman, or cut to the core causing you to question your ability to do anything significant. Parents, teachers and community leaders shaped you through education, spiritual

Breathing Life into Others Dreams

The dream behind Jennasis and Associates began as I sat across the restaurant table in a place of brokenness. A lifelong friend who is also a business coach met with me to cheer me up and help sort through the murky waters I was wading through. Having gone through a divorce, I now needed to find a way to provide for myself and my three children and didn’t know where to begin. By nature, I am a people person who loves parties and entertaining, so I immediately thought of starting a catering business. I could cook and enjoy people while providing for my family at the same time. As we continued to explore that option, we realized the initial investment would be substantial without a great profi


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