Fight Distractions Using a Parking Lot

It can be frustrating to concentrate on a project – and then get distracted by an idea for another project. You can build structure around eliminating physical distractions (such as phone calls, email, and people), but it’s much harder to eliminate the distractions in your own head! What is a Parking Lot? The next time you are distracted by the thoughts in your own head, utilize the Parking Lot technique. A parking lot is piece of paper where you write down (park!) every idea that comes into your head, as soon as it enters your head. (You can also use one Post -It note per idea if you prefer.) How do you use a Parking Lot? While you are working on a task, and an unrelated thought pops int

Helping Others Dream Again

Have you ever had a person truly believe in you and make a difference in your life? Maybe they cheered you on during a season of depression or hardship. Maybe they inspired you to go after a dream when you felt like you just didn’t have it in you or didn’t believe in yourself. Maybe they invested time, energy or finances to help get your dream off of the ground. Maybe it was even a simple conversation over coffee or dinner that planted an idea in your heart and made you get excited for what you could do in the world! Many of us have had these types of people breathe life into our dreams. They encourage and provoke us to go for it, to believe in ourselves and the dreams brewing inside of us.

Client Accountability

In order to keep our clients happy, we must stay connected and accountable to them on an ongoing basis. We often get busy trying to attract new business and clients and sometimes forget to stay connected with the ones we currently have. In order to have a business that is “above the rest”, we need ongoing communication and participation with our clients. We need to be asking the hard questions and embrace the answers we hear. But what are the questions we should be asking? Here are a few that we believe should be brought to the table on a semi-regular basis: 1. What is working? – It’s important for you to know what is working in your business relationship with each client, so you can contin

The Power of Feedback

Often times in doing business, we desire feedback from our clients and those we work with. However, sometimes we are afraid to ask because of the answers we might receive. Positive feedback is always welcome. It strokes our pride a bit and assures us we are doing well. Negative feedback often deals a bit with our ego causing us to sink to a place of disappointment or frustration. Sometimes, it sends us spiraling a bit to work harder to get things right and please our customers. As business owners and entrepreneurs, it is critical that we see all feedback as an opportunity for growth. Of course the positive affirms what we are doing, and helps us keep doing those things well. But we mu


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