I’m a Fraud. Are you?

About 13 years ago, I was furiously preparing for my very first paid speaking engagement. As an emerging professional speaker, I had little experience with actually speaking to live audiences and I felt so inadequate. While preparing, I repeated to myself “I am SO not the right person for this! And they’re going to figure it out fast!” I was terrified of being discovered as a fraud. The thing is I did pretty well. At least, that’s what the audience evaluations told me. I was relieved! But the relief was due more to me evading discovery of incompetence than of actually delivering any value to them. I dodged a figurative bullet. I suffer from “The Imposter Syndrome.” It’s the nagging internal

7 Ways to Re-Engage Clients

Often times our professional and personal lives become so busy that we almost function on auto pilot. We go throughout our work days doing our jobs – whether that’s administration, sales and marketing, or customer service. We answer calls, deal with problems, and try to drum up new business. Often times when things are going well for our business, some of our long standing clients get overlooked. If they aren’t complaining, everything must be good – right? Well not necessarily. As in any relationship, communication is a two way street. And in order to keep customers happy, we need to continually be checking in on them and re-engaging with them. We need to remind them why our business

Overcoming the “I Cant’s”

So often we limit ourselves in both business and life with the words, “I Can’t”. We feel unqualified or inexperienced in areas and we hold back because of fear of failure. We don’t want to look bad in front of others, and so we don’t even want to attempt to try something new because of fear. I remember years ago when we purchased our first home. The thought of decorating an entire house on my own was daunting. Where did I begin? I wasn’t even sure at that time exactly what I liked, and when I compared myself or my taste to others, I became overwhelmed. What if I didn’t do it right? What if it looked bad? What if others hated it? Thinking back, my fears were irrational because really


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