The 80/20 Principle

Lately I have been pondering the 80/20 principle. What? I am sure those of you in the business world have heard of it...and others of you too. Here is some history behind this concept (thanks to Wikipedia!): In 1906, Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto noted that 80% of Italy's land was owned by 20% of the people. He became somewhat obsessed with this ratio, seeing it in everything. For example, he observed that 80% of the peas in his garden came from 20% of his pea plants. The 80:20 ratio of cause-to-effect became known as the Pareto Principle. Bottom line: The 80/20 Rule is that 80% of results are produced by 20% of the effort. Ok, great. That's pretty simple. So how does that apply to my

What does your Brand Say about You?

We are inundated with messages every single day. Images, logos, brands and slogans fill our minds without us even knowing or realizing it. These images and brands say something to us. An elongated check mark on a piece of clothing or product has become a household name around the world. That “check mark” brand called Nike is known globally as a quality athletic product. They have created an image and a brand that millions of young men and women embrace. It isn’t just the look of their clothing or shoe line, it’s also the motto, “Just Do It”, that gives a sense of empowerment to athletes or those desiring to accomplish something great. A small white apple with one bite out of it has glob


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