A Unique Service Team

Jennasis and Associates is a full-service digital marketing firm. We are designers, writers, developers, and strategists who help brands create more meaningful relationships with their clients and consumers. Through creative solutions and fresh thinking, we inspire brands to be more.
Through a variety of services, the Jennasis and Associates team delivers the time, energy, and resources needed to make your business run as efficiently, and as effectively, as possible. Our team specializes in a number of comprehensive services to meet the many needs and demands of your business, including but not limited to:
1) Digital Marketing Strategy and Implementation
2) Brand Development
3) Social Media Strategy and Management
4) Web Design and Search Engine Optimization
4) Creative Services
5) Full-Service Virtual Admin Firm
With our wide range of expertise, the benefits of working with Jennasis and Associates are many, including:
•  Creative ideas and energy from our design team
•  Marketing strategy from multiple perspectives
•  Work completed according to your deadlines
•  Writers to help convey your brand
•  Ability to hire as needed
•  No overhead costs (i.e. equipment, employee costs, etc.)
Call today Jennasis and Associates today for a free consultation about your business needs! Whether the project is big or small, short-term or long-term, we are here to serve you!